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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More holiday escapades

At this time of year my car is usually full to the brink with sailboarding equipment - on standby so I don't have to pack the car when I go for a sail.
I was driving down to go sailboarding last week going about 60kms/hr down a twisty backroad and a large spider crawled out from behind the steering wheel.
I HATE spiders. Luckily I could pull over.I sat for a minute frozen as it moved across  the front of the instrument dials and then carefully got out hoping it wouldn't scurry away elsewhere.There was NO WAY I was getting back in if it did.

I found a towel from the back and managed to grab it and throw it out onto the road.
 My partner was supposed to be coming down soon after me in his car and a car like his was coming up the road. I wiped my brow and sagged making a mock show of relief only to realise it was a stranger. It probably amused him!
 I  drove off hoping none of it's mates would crawl up my leg..There is so much 'stuff' in the car heaven knows 'who' else is in there!
 I was so lucky it didn't run up my leg in a 100kms zone or I would have been off the road for sure! I wonder how many unexplained accidents are caused by spiders..lol's

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