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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain & Roos

We've had a really dry January so the rain yesterday was lovely. Good painting and baking weather!
Here's the view from my studio windows.

Three's a crowd!

I just walked past a group of lazing kangaroos  and noticed this little one looking lost.She's lost an ear and her mother. She was trying to get into this mum's pouch but she already has a joey and was growling and fending her off.
She won't last long on her own. She isn't big enough to be weaned so she needs mum's milk and being out on her own will make her an easy target for predators.I walked closer hoping I could  catch her so the wildlife people could take her and hand raise her but she's too fast .Chasing her would also stress her out and they can die from stress but she's already stressed at not having a nice safe pouch to retreat to when danger threatens.The  female hopped off as I came closer and the poor little thing was hopping madly after her and trying to take refuge in her pouch.
 Maybe dogs have chased the mum and the joey has fallen out of the pouch .
Natures sad at times.

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