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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The creation of Silver - Aloha Silhouette

Jess's photo of her arab mare Aloha Silhouette won my photo comp on FB.I wanted  some photos to inspire me and I'd use them to do a demonstration painting at a horse event.
I was looking at the photo today planning ahead for my next demo day but I got inspired and launched into a portrait straight away! Here's a few pics of what I've done so far. 
The portrait will be one of my framed Pastel sketch specials $350. The image area is a little smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and it is created on a mid blue colour paper ( although I change the colour paper to best suit each individual portrait). 
I don't usually put any background in the $350 special sketches but I did this one for myself so I ended up adding some for design purposes.
 I start off drab and with a light touch as I do the sketch so I can easily correct errors. I gradually apply heavier layers of Pastel and brighter colours.

Getting a general sketch
The portrait is generally almost fully sketched . Now to go back and restate areas more accurately and with more colour.With pastel you have to be careful not to apply too much heavy colour too early as the paper has a subtle texture which holds the pastel on.This texture eventually fills after many layers. If you fill that texture in the pastel will no longer go on and you can't finish the portrait unless you remove some of it to give back the tooth of the paper.You can spray the paper with a fixative that allows a few more layers but it can darken any painting already there so I prefer not to use it like that.

I'm gradually covering the paper and correcting things and getting bloder colour. I'm experimenting with a few darker  suggested blocks of colour in the background that I feel will help with the design of the portrait.
 A fair bit further along.She's starting to look  more solid and real.

Thurs 2nd Feb -
I was feeling really tired and hungry and then realised I'd been standing painting Silver for 5 hrs straight.
That's when you know you've been in the 'zone' ( artist speak).
Ok I'll post what I've done in a flurry of inspiration. I think she is finished but not sure. I'm sure I'll find something to fiddle with tomorrow! It probably won't show on a photo though.
Here she is almost done.I decided the background bottom right wasn't working so changed it to the darker shade below.

Aloha Silhoeutte
17.5 x 24.5cms Pastel sketch

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