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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I lunged and rode Zuess yesterday and I'm not sure if the experience boosted my confidence or wrecked it.He was his usual relaxed self when I caught him but as I was grooming him he noticed something over in the paddock and went into 'flight mode'- or for non horsey readers -stress out ' something's going to eat me mode". He looked gorgeous so I rushed to get a few pics hoping he wouldn't take fright and jump on me.
I lunge him in a 25acre paddock .Luckily he's well taught and easy to control even if he loses it. He doesn't try and pull away and run off.Even though he could easily he doesn't realise he can.
 He went great for a while but then bolted off around the circle bucking like a bronc.When he does that I yell NO! NO ! NO! and whack the buckle of his rope halter under his cheeks.I usually wiggle the lead as a signal to slow down or back up but once he gets in this frame of mind I need to do more to make him notice me.It sounds bad but he knows that means slow down.If he's really out of control I just pull on the lead and spin him to face me so he stops.If he is still going off I keep whacking the buckle up & down but stop when he does. I probably haven't been perfect with my timing in the past so maybe I've aggravated things..Anyway he'd bolt , bronc get spun to face me and then rear.Usually he only does a few but today he was going full height about 6 or 7 times.I thought he might fall over backwards.I was far enough away not to be in danger. Luckily he has never reared under saddle.

Once I got him facing me and stopped I'd tell him to go again and then trot & canter etc and praise him when he went well.He'd settle for a while & then anther outburst.Anyway I eventually had him going well licking his lips in submission and behaving.
I thought there is NO WAY I"m going to ride you today! Then my pigheaded side cut in & I thought..maybe just up here and not very far..Anyway I rode him and he got into " help gremlins are going to get me! ' mode once but I kept him occupied and he actually went really well!e went down the arena and did our usual dressage.
 So..I feel proud of myself for having come out the other side and getting him to go well but a bit freaked out at the display. I've lost enthusiasm for going trailriding in case he sees something scary out there which is a pity as when he gets out & about enough he is a terrific trailriding horse..
If only you could erase their flight instincts horses would be great! I should have bought a Clysdale not a Thoroughbred..I do love his TB sensitivity , lovely nature , intelligence and trainability thoough..
 Rant over ..LOL's
'Zeuss is thinking  - Oh my god! Something over there wants to have me for dinner! I'm out of here!'Isn't he lovely? ( sorry mum's cooing..LOL's). At least I have a photo of him that I can do a decent portrait of now.I'd have to use another photo taken in sun from a similar angle for shine but I love the look in his eye in this one.

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