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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Port Macquarie - Werrikimbe trip

Boy I'm glad I went last weekend and not this one! The weather was lovely.
I stayed at Port Macquarie youth hostel Friday night with a group of other bushwalkers but I got there early and went and took photos.They had some big seas and wild weather earlier in the week and there was a big swell and a lot of salt in the air which gave quite an atmosphere.I went around the beaches late that afternoon to take some photos that maybe someday will end up as paintings! I took lots of photos but I'll just put a few up here.
We drove up to the Wilderness area..its about 2.30hrs from Port as the last 60 odd kms are 20 - 40km/hr speeds on good forest roads.
Werrikimbee walk
They had about 130mm of rain earlier that week so all the waterfalls were gushing!
The campsite.I was slack and slept in my car..
Amazing what you can do in a little Corolla..LOL"s We didn't see anyone else all weekend and other than the occasional plane overhead it was lovely and quiet,Just what I needed! I need to know there are still places you can get away to that haven't been wrecked or affected by man.
It was just a tad short as my feet touched the back door.. next time I'll put the bed diagonally and it will be perfect!

 Great rainforest no weeds etc.There are only a few walking tracks and they aren't that long. You can do real offtrack walking to experience the wilderness if you want.
About 30 years ago I came up on an overnight bushwalk to do just that. We were supposed to be using an exposed knife edged ridge with a big drop off each side to get down from the top of the mountain to the river below and camp.I'm scared of heights so I was really worried about going down the ridge.We missed the ridge and ended up crawling in the thick undergrowth on our hands and knees for 3/4 hr with big packs on. I was crying by the end of it but at least we found a way down that didn't go down that scary ridge and once down in the creek it was gorgeous!We climbed back up another ridge to the top of the mountain the next day to finish the walk.
 My neck isn't up to carrying a big pack these days although I am improving so maybe this year.. I'm a bit more of a whoose in my old age though so I'd be doing easier walks than the one I just mentioned!

 It was interesting country..rainforest like above and then head high coral fern, banksia and grasstrees like the photo below.

This is another short walk through treeferns to waterfalls.It was gorgeous!

 Me on a bridge 

Fungi and moss

Sue in front of a waterfall
I'll start a new post to show the trip once I went back down into the valley/civilisation again.I stayed a day longer than everyone else as I wanted to paint some landscapes..nothing like telling everyone on Facebook that your going to do something ..It certainly motivated me to get off my bum and paint knowing everyone was expecting something!

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