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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Poor Zeuss

Poor Zeuss..here he is in heaven surrounded by his new mates..They now have to be quickly taken off. 

Last night I could hear a cow mooing loudly and just assumed it was the bull next door who's seen the new cows.
I came out this morning and realised one mum was agitated and seemed to have lost her calf. I thought she had just misplaced it when I saw a little one separate from the group.I tried to shoo her down towards it when I stumbled over her calf- dead missing and eye and half it's nose..It's a big one too.bummer what a way to start the day.
Looks like the dogs that were stressing Zeuss have got it.He's seemed calm lately and we hadn't seen any so I thought they had gone.
We don't want to lay baits but I think it's the only way.It was a large calf so now I'm a bit worried for Zeuss.
I just spoke to a local chicken farmer who said he'd seen a yellow feral dingo/ cross dog around.It's probably the culprit.Hopefully if we lay baits it will only get it as I don't think the dingos come onto the place.I just hope the foxes don't take any as they keep the rabbits down.
Poor Z..The one that was taken is the one just to the right of Zeuss so it was a fairly large calf.
 I've asked if the bloke can put a larger cow on the place permanently to keep him company.We don't know yet if that's possible. 
Later today -
Revenge of the animals...I looked out at the paddock and one of the local dogs had decided to come and pay a visit..Zeuss and the cows galloped after it and sent it packing! LOL"s

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