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Thursday, January 6, 2011

duck tales

 Driving home on Wednesday  there was a big flock of birds on the road. and as I got closer most flew away .I realised they were ducks and one had been hit with the others being moral support.
I pulled over as the one hit was in shock and wouldn't have lasted long in the middle of the road.I had to go a few hundred yards to find somewhere safe to pull over and there was another car coming . As I got out  I signalled for them to slow down and pointed at the duck.They pulled over closer to the duck and got out to go to it.

Meanwhile another car was coming so I signalled to slow down and pointed at the duck.The car didn't slow down but straddled the duck and drove over the top of it. Luckily the duck kept its head down and survived but it would have been traumatised.The other driver closer to it went to help  it but it managed to fly off to safety.

I yelled out 'thanks' to the other driver ( a woman). She was fuming and yelled ' SOME PEOPLE!!!?"

I wasn't very impressed and had given the culprit a dirty look as he drove past. Oh well at least there was a happy ending.

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