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Friday, January 7, 2011

Starting on my 2nd portrait for Carole

Carole 1st found out about me when she witnessed the unveiling of a portrait her friend Linda  had me do for her friend Julie.
Jack , Maverick + Caine
50 x 60cms framed Oil

After seeing how well this portrait was received Carole decided to have me create a portrait as a secret gift to give to one of her friends.Heres it is

Rex , Kina ,Candy , Maverick + Rolly
30 x 40cms
Oil on gallery wrap canvas
Several of these dogs were posthumous portraits with very blurry photos.

Her friend loved the portrait and Carole finally decided it was time to get one for herself. She is a dog trainer and runs a security business with dogs so she has 12  ( living + posthumous) dogs we are painting.We decide that 4 paintings 3 up were the way to go. Here is the first.

Rex , Hawk + Grizzly
 35 x 70cms
Oil on gallery wrap canvas

The photo of Rex was very blurry and had a black blob for his nose.You couldn't see the shape or anything.Lucky I have years of painting dogs under my belt! I had to average out each portrait as if I had detailed the ones with sharp photos more than the ones with blurry ones it would have looked silly .

I'm just starting on the next portrait. We were concentrating on painting the posthumous portraits first but Carole was devastated when Liz one of Caroles miniature Schnuazers got a tick last week and died.I 've since been out and taken good photos of all the 'living 'dogs so that if anything horrible happens at least we have good photos for their portraits!
We don't have any good sharp photos of Liz so I am going to use a sharp photo of Emma ( similar dog) but customise it buy changing the colour etc so it will look like Liz..
I'll keep you posted!

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