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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hide & seek

Thought I'd post some previous portraits for a bit of variety.This one was to be the second secret portrait I did as a present Vanessa's father.He drove carriage horses in the vineyards and I had to go and get photos of them on the day he was working without him seeing me and his workmate who was helping me.
We drove out to the vineyards . Several times we had to quickly drive into a carpark and park behind some bushes to avoid being seen as he drove a carriage out from where the horses were kept.
 Exciting spy stuff! LOL"s.
We finally got to where the horses were kept.It was to be a long portrait with six Clysdale heads . I took 300 photos of the different horses then his workmate said " Look he really loves this old bugger Boss.We had to retire him as he used to kick carriages apart and run off which wasn't good for custom but he's a character and looks great when you call him over."
I said " Ok lets call him over! ". I took 8 photos on multishot and we decided that one of Boss would be the way to go with the portrait.
Meanwhile the father drove back in.I thought quickly ,as he knew me from the earlier portrait he'd been given, and said " I've got an exhibition coming up in Feb and I needed photos of Clysdales so I'm here getting reference photos for it ."
Amazingly he fell for it and got a big teary suprise when he received the portrait of Boss for Xmas!
 60 x 70cms image size Oil
This is what Vanessa said when she got the potrait ready to give to him.
" LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! You're a genius!!!! It will bring tears again!!! Thank you soooo much - it'll make his day. Actually he hasn't stopped talking about the Whoopi & Buster painting - but this will blow him away.
Made my day !


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