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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Herald photographer had me use Zeuss as a prop.

She had him standing near me and me smoochinghim etc.. I had to make sure he didnt slobber on the portraits! I had him follow me down like a dog back to the paddock at the end ( I've done a lot of 'horse whispering'/groundwork with him).She was disappointed as she wanted to get photos but she'd run out of room on the camera.

I gave a little horse groundwork demo after she'd finished and then I rode him.

Last ride was a bit scary .He chucked some wobbly's on the lunge.Bolted , bronc act and reared and was ready to jump out of his skin when I rode him .

I wasn't going to ride before the TV came up in case I ended up falling off and getting injured but he was so good for the photos I thought I may as well ride him.He was great today back to his old self ( although he bolted on the lunge once).Too much sugary grass and not enough riding!

It will be interesting to see if they use any of the photos with Zeuss and I together.She had me sit on a stump with Z next to me ( he was sniffing the stump) and the portrait was leaned up in front of us.Unfortunately the ants that lived in the stump weren't impressed and came out in force.I expected Z to get bitten.and we had to move.It would have been interesting if he had been bitten!
 It was weird trying to get his ears forward.I'm not used to standing next to him and getting him to look attentive.I kept teasing him using the call I use when he gets food.Poor thing!

Oh well I have no idea what they are going to write.I usually wear crog sandals around the studio as they are comfortable.I got presentable for the photos but I still had the crocs on.I was going to change them but she said " No leave them on .You look like an artist! (?!)..How embarassing! LOL"s

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