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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Phew life's good again..

I decided it was time to ride Zeuss again and take advantage of the fact that he shouldn't be as fresh.I got my partner to come down as moral support and it was a good chance to get some photos although the light was fading.My partner was worried as the last time I was bucked off he was taking photos. I tried something new and Zeuss was worried about it. Usually I'll stop and re assess and get him used to whatever it is but the camera was there wasn't it? I ignored the problem cantered over the jump and Zeuss stopped dead , put his head down and bucked. I hit head first with a loud cracking sound and my partner freaked as he thought I'd broken my neck and would be in a wheelchair.I was in a lot of pain at first and already had a pre exisiting neck problem so I was really worried. We got the ambulance and then they called the helicopter.
After a while I said to my partner 'where Zeuss? '.He was just standing at the other end of the unfenced arena and hadn't budged when the ambulance arrived.I said ' you better put him away before the helicopter gets here.'
Anyway it all turned out ok I only had a few popped ribs + a sore shoulder. Amazingly my neck wasn't injured at all! The worst thing was I had a free helicopter ride and i couldn't look at the scenery as I had a neckbrace , drip and oxygen on ..grr
Today he went great! I cantered up the drive after and he went a bit funny and started the bouncy bouncy thingy as we went into the canter. I just have to remember to not cramp up , relax and go really lightly on the reins. He settles down and it feels unreal so light and slow and collected..Just a wake up call I suppose. There still life in the old bugger yet!

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