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Friday, April 1, 2011

I hate being a whimp..

Well I've just had the wind put up me after riding Zeuss.he got the closest to bucking he has for over 3 years and now I'm really nervous about riding him again.I've always been a nervous rider.Sometimes I think I would be scared riding a 3 legged donkey.
I took him down to the arena for the usual half hour workout .It's been been 9 days since I rode him but that usually isn't a problem except he might spook a bit more.He was yawning on the way so I thought things would be fine. We are getting our road graded but I wasn’t too worried as he used to live on a property with earthmoving equipment so he's pretty good with it. Sometimes the drone of engines can put him on edge..he doesn’t actually spook at the thing that is making the noise but he gets ‘edgey’ and finds other things to spook at..He seemed ok today until I asked him to canter and then he started to bound around and try  and take off..I got him together again but it worried me a bit. I think I may have accidently been letting the whip brush his flanks as I asked.. anyway got that going ok but then later he spooked at something and tried to run. I had a battle with his head in the air and his mouth open and then he started bounding and felt like he was going to throw a buck in. I got it under control and re asked and got some nice canter transitions . I patted him and said good boy and he relaxed again but it’s the closest to bucking hes been in 3 years and has really put me on edge. I know I wouldn’t stay on in the all purpose saddle.In the old days I had a stock saddle.
I suppose feeling out of control scared me and I didn’t like being worried about asking for canter.I may have been pulling/ confining on him too much when he was freaking up as he was sensitive today..Going up the drive the grader was closer which was ok until it started to break down a few smaller trees.I just let him go on a looser rein and patted him when he relaxed and we were ok.. phew..Im just worried Ill be too freaked out to ride him and enjoy him next time..de ja vu..
I always handle what he does ok at the time but it's the imagining later that wrecks it. I just rang a friend to debrief and get moral support and she told me about a lovely sensible experienced lady rider she met at a clinic who got thrown and died soon after..Not helpful!

It doesn't help that if my partner finds out he'd have me retire Z..mind you if he does buck again & I survive I think I'll retire him anyway.I'm getting too old for the risk..It would be a waste of a good horse though.

Eek..time to do art much safer..

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