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Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 7 painting the mural

Another 5 hrs painting..I've started on the figures.I have the two main blokes roughly done. I'm happy enough with their faces but although I have 3 colours in their face you can only see 2 and there faces are a boring pink so I will fix that later. Funny in the shade they looked ok but in full sun boring....
I'll complete the other figures next session + lighten the under the verandah and start on the horses.
I also darkened the side of the Co op .I had it light so the dark horses would show out but it looked weird because as it is in shade it was too light.

I redid the type on that wall ..still a little fine tuning to do.It looked ok in the flesh but in a smaller version I can see some tweaking.It's very hard to get the overall idea of a mural as your painting it because it's so big. The best way to see errors is to take a photo and once it is smaller any problems are very obvious.

I'm not sure if I'll stick with the dark brown horses or change the colour to make them more obvious.It's safer not to go making changes from the colour rough as I know it works. It's hard to tell how the mural is going when only a few sections are complete so if I start changing things I could be chasing my tail.
 A more general view of the mural below.

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