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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 9 on the mural

 Today's work . I finished all the faces changed the horse colours a bit and did some detailing on the building - all of which probably won't be noticeable in a small photo..
The start-  

I've spent most of the morning finishing of the Co op .I straightened the verandah posts and tidied things up + added some finishing touches.
Now I just need to do 2 more figure faces , adjust the men's aprons a bit, put some finishing touches on the horse and then move on to the rest of the mural. I can come back at the end and see what needs doing.

  I've done all the faces and put some more detail into the ridden horse.

Getting there but I think the shadowed side of the building is too drab so I'll redo it a more orangey colour tomorrow.The ridden horse is also annoying me I'd like to give him a bit more colour if I can figure out how.

Almost ready to move onto the rest..phew..

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