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Friday, August 16, 2013

Mural Day 10

 I wasn't happy with the overall impact of the mural so today was spent redoing the main image to get more zap.

 I finally worked out why it wasn't working.
When I paint in Oil I can mix any colour I want. Housepaints are limited with what colours you can get , especially dark colours - I suppose not many people want to paint their houses dark..lol's.
I needed a really dark gutsy purple for the Co op to shine. I had been using a brown colour which just wasn't working. I mixed a more purple mix ( not as good as what I can get with my Oils but better than what I had) and used it for the shadows on the building.It worked!
I've gone around and changed all the brown shades to mauve /purple and it looks much more interesting. I also put some pure yellow and red on the bay horse and it stands out better now. Maybe too much! I may have to bring out some of the rest of the mural to match it..
I just have to get a good colour for the shadowed side of the building and then I'll move onto something else.



 I think the main scene is finished. I finally found a colour that works for the shadow side of the building. It looks a bit odd at the moment but I plan to incorporate some of the oranges through it and when I use the colour in the rest of the mural it will all hang together.Here I am experimenting..(above).

 I'm happy with the general colour scheme and I finally started on the rest of the mural! Yay! The grasstree is roughly done- it needs to go on a diet .lol's
I'll slim it down a bit next session.
The lighthorse is all out of proportion but I'll fix that. I just had some leftover dark paint I didn't want to waste so I used that on the horse.

 The revamped main scene at the end of the day.- below.

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