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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 10 - Using a trestle to reach and repaint the sky and background trees

Today was all about bringing it all together. The sky had lost it's warm mauve tones over the years and was too green blue so I repainted it with the original colour but a bit lighter to make the bullocks stand out more.I started with a ladder but couldn't reach the top so changed to the trestles and plank. I'm not real keen on heights and the ground wasn't flat so they were a bit wobbly at times. I was glad to get back onto the ground!
I was going to take a photo looking down from the trestle but I didn't want to clamber up with the camera.
 You can see the mauve blue from the LHS. I'm hanging onto the guttering more from a confidence thing than anything else as it wouldn't take my weight!

 Here I've decided the first sky colour I started was too dark and I'm going back over it in the same colour but a lighter shade.
About this stage I decided a roller would be a lot easier and went up the road to get one.

 The above photos are taken when the mural is in the shade of a morning - the next one is when the sun hits it of an afternoon- It looks much better!
 Moving along to finish the sky.

It's now overcast - look at the difference the lighting makes to the effect. I'm now tackling the tree belt. I'm going to grey/blue it off so it sits back in place and doesn't look like it is coming forward. Below - tree belt finished. This is where I got up to on the day.

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