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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 2 repainting the Bullock mural at Kurri

Above - The mural as it was at the end of day 1.
  The first thing I noticed when I arrived the second day was how pink the 'white areas were!
 This is only the underpainting so it wasn't really important as I put other colours on top but it goes to show how you miss things when you are constantly looking at the mural.
Like any painting you need a break to come back to get the overall effect and see what needs doing.

 Below - this is the 2005 face of the main bullock.
I wanted to change it with the repaint as I never thought it looked realistic enough. 

 Here I'm starting to change the shape of his head making his nose longer and pushing it more to the left. Later I will bring his right horn down more to match the new angle of his head.
 I don't need to do any changes but I want this latest version of the mural to reflect how much I've learnt in the last 10 years of painting animals!
 I'm also adjusting the hanging part of his chest so it looks more realistic.

 A bit more advanced - his nose is taking shape. His head has more form.

 Here I am lowering his horn and changing the shape.I've also changed his forelock/ forehead area.

 Both horns in position ready to be made a lighter colour.

 Horns roughly done and lighter oranges on his face, more detailing. I'm happy with the realism but not the zap- especially from a distance.

Starting on the dark areas of the second bullocks head.I was getting pretty tired by now -I'd make a few strokes then run down of the ladder to check , another stroke , run back etc..so getting close to finishing up for the day.

 End of day 2- Bullock 1's face looks good close up but lacks zap from a distance - I'd run out of red paint early on ( more at home) and the orange I had mixed was too gutless so back home to try and mix a brighter one for tomorrow! You can really see how faded the mural had become!

 Here is the beginning of the day mural so you can compare it with the end of the day ( 2nd image).

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