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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 4 - The Bullock mural

 The mural at the start of day 4. 
 Below - I started to add lighter colours to the 2nd bullocks face.

 Now I've started top paint the top of his back. I start with the darkest colours and keep doing layers to get him lighter. I also adjust the colour of his back as I paint so he recedes. 
This mural is quite complicated and the colours of  each consecutive bullock have to be subtely adjusted to get the 3D recession that I am after. I want the impression that they are coming up over the ridge..
 I mix paints I think will work at home but need to  ad lib as necessary on the mural.

 Another layer of slightly lighter colour's on his back.

 More layers and adjusting . I've also done the wooden brace that ties them together.

 The sun is now hitting them so they are brighter. They are in shade in the morning. Lighter again on Bullock 2. Grr too light - now he looks gutless face wise so now I go back to adding darker and in between shades on his face.

 More darks to get some structure into his face.

 Adding reds etc to his face  to bring him into line with the rest of the painting.

 This is where I got up to. I'm happy with the colours I used on his face but the structure is wrong so I'll fix that next time. I was getting tired and things were starting to go downhill so I finished for the day.

Below - End day 4

 Below - At the end of day 3

 I'll fix his face next time.

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