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Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 5 of repainting the Bullock mural

 Above - at the end of day 4 but taken today in the shade 1st thing.
Below - today I adjusted the detailing on bullock 2's face and it's back and did the dark areas of the next few bullocks.
 Below is it's face at the start of today - note the dark circle above it's eye . Further along I adjust the colours so I get the correct head structure today.

 Starting to add extra colours to his face - reds and browns around the eyes.

Now I'm putting lighter oranges etc  on.  It's  constant adjusting . I get him looking great closeup then go back across the road and all you can see is orange so then I come back and add extra yellows etc to get more impact.

 When I've added more oranges and yellows to his face I then have to go back and add the correct amounts to the rest of his body. I often think he's finished and then start chasing my tail again.

I have lighter yellows on his face now and I'm happy from this distance.. He looked a bit bland from across the road so I give him another couple of flicks of red and orange and brown to liven him up and give his face structure again.

The sun's on the mural now. 
Well I did think he was finished but I think I'll have to add more yellow and cream later at the end. Both need their noses finished and last light coloured  accents added to their faces. I'll do this at the end so I can see what's needed.

 Below - note the cyclist exiting RHS. This gives you an idea of the mural size.I've moved on to doing the dark areas on the next few bullocks. This is more like it I can see changes quicker!

Below - Where I was at on Day 4 of the mural ( yesterday) .
 Below - The end of day 5 - The 2nd bullock has changed colour and been refined and I've done the darks for the next few.

Close up.. It's supposed to rain a bit this week so we'll see how much more I get done in between the rain..

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