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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 7 on the Bullock mural- starting to bring it all together

  Above - The mural at the end of day 6- bullocks all roughly covered and logs have a dark brown underpainting.

Now I'm starting to come back in with lighter colour's on the logs. I really enjoyed this! As one man who was watching said - " you make it look so easy!' ( I said - This part is !).
 The camera doesn't pick up the colour differences very well. It's a lot more obvious in the flesh. You'll have to go and have a look!

Above -  Lighter accents on the logs and I'm also using the same colour in the grasses.

 Detail - Even in a close up it doesn't show as well as in the flesh - the lighter bits show up more on the mural.

 I've started to work on the 4th bullock back doing his white face. I'm having a ball! I want his face to be more suggested than the detailed front bullocks. This all contributes to the overall  look of recession for the mural. 

Below - A closeup - I will come back and add some creamy colours to show the sunlit areas of his body . They will show well over the mauve whites of the shadowed areas.

Working on refining bullock 3 - head in the air. Here I have defined his whiter areas and put some purples through him. I haven't finished his head yet and plan to add some creams to his sunlit white parts and a lighter orange onto his body.

 Below - his head isn't quite finished yet although I'll leave it a bit suggested. 


 First job tomorrow is to go over some of the mauve areas on Bullock 3 and 4 with creams where the sun hits them. Then put a lighter orange on bullock 3's back , lighter cream /yellow on bullock 4 and then put blue / violets through the foreground  and front bullocks. I still have to do the bullocky, his whip and the kookaburra.

 The colour's should be the same but the top photos was taken when sun was on the mural and today's photo was taken in overcast conditions so is a bit duller. Obvious changes are the lighter logs and extra whites and mauves on the rear bullocks

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