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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 9 - Finishing Peter, brightening the grass , redoing the kookaburra and starting on the sky

 Above- I've painted Peter's shirt and hat. Although it doesn't show very well in the photo he now fits into the scene better.
Every mural in Kurri has a Kookaburra in it. Some are easier to find than others. This one is easy. Here I am starting to restate him a bit darker. I love playing around with the rear parts of the mural as they can be painted in less detail and suggested. Here I'm just suggesting a Kookaburra I later come in with some lighter and darker accents and refine him a little.

Below - Here he is with a more accurate shape and more lights and darks.
 It's hard to tell here as now the mural is in the sun- what a difference it makes to the colours! Much better . 
Here you can see the background has faded to a green colour ( reds gone). I'll replace it with more of a blue grey tomorrow which will make him stand out more.
 Note how here he looks more intent on getting that worm with his head angled in a typical Kookaburra way. I don't have to put every detail in to have him look like a Kookaburra!

Now I'm starting to work out a colour for the sky. The original sky was a warm / mauve blue that complimented the bullocks. The reddish tones had faded out leaving a green blue which was a bit stark.

I ended up making this new blue lighter again than here.

Below- Starting to come together - sky , trees and fine tuning needed tomorrow. Note how much better the colours look with the sun on it.

 Although I like the trees they are too yellow green and bright and appear to be coming forward too much.I'll fix that tomorrow with some blue grey colours.

The end of the day - you can see my colour test patch of blue sky to the left of the first bullock.

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