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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 6 on the Bullock Mural

Above the end of day 5 ( previous day)

Today things are speeding up. I'm working on the smaller bullocks ( or rear ones - they only look smaller because of the perspective). I can reach them easily so painting is much quicker. I'm also doing several at once rather than waiting to finish one and then moving onto the next.
 This is a much faster way of working. It also makes mixing colours to get the perspective easier.
I paint the dark areas of the first bullock then modify the dark colour to help perspective ( lighter and greyer) and paint the next etc etc.

 Here I've done the darks on each bullock and also the red brown colours.

A man asked if he could take my photo as I painted so I made the most of it and had him take one with my camera too!

Below-  All of the bullocks roughly coloured and now I'm starting to work on the foreground grasses. I build up layers of colours .I had a ball doing this as you can just swish the paint around. It doesn't need to be accurate.

Orange colours in the grass , later I add yellows as well.

Below - At the end of day 5 

Below - The end of day 6 .
 It's starting to take shape although there's still a lot of fine tuning etc to do.
 I need to refine the rear bullocks and add lighter colours to them all, do the logs and grass with lighter colours and bring it all together.
The logs have a dark brown underlayer ready to put highlights / lighter accents over.

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