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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 11- Changing the main bullocks face- lightening the grass and logs- almost there

 Well it's looking pretty finished but I still feel the grass needs a bit more impact and the logs need some more colour and lighter shades on them. That was my aim for the day but the first thing I decided was that I didn't like the main bullocks head. Above is how his face was first thing ( RHS front bullock).

 The original reference photo is very dark and you can't make out any detail.

 As a result I'd done my own version and changed the angle of his pose a bit as well. I decided I'd change him to give him more form. 2hrs later I still wasn't very happy but he looked semi decent..grr. On my usual smaller  portraits a change like that might take 10-20 mins if I get it right- much longer on this bigger version.

 Above - this is one stage I went through and I wasn't happy with him at the time and kept going..I may have to go and fine tune him again. I'll have to get some decent photos of a bullock/cow head from the correct angle to make it much easier than guessing.
Still if I can stop obsessing over little details it looks pretty good!
 Here it is on the side of the building to show you the size- 3.3m x 9m

Below -  The sun is just starting to come around and hit parts of it.After this photo was taken i did more changes to his face and lightened the grass and logs.

 Below - In this detail shot you can see the lighter flicks among the grass to help bring it to life. The logs have more orange and some white highlights . I'm happy with this area - it is finished!

This is where I got to today. I suppose it could be finished but I want to suss out options for subtly altering his face. Once I have a plan it shouldn't take long to make the changes and then it will be finished! One option is to extend the white areas  to cover more of his face..

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