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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A funny sight!

We have another lot of ducklings being raised by the native woodducks.I'm suprised they have survived as the local goanna is about and last time I saw him his belly was so full it was almost dragging on the ground.Maybe he's been sleeping it off and that's why they survived! The parents are 2nd time ones so they are pretty tame but yesterday I noticed mum was missing and dad and the brood were pretty twitchy.
The ducklings can't fly so they just walk around everywhere or run when they are scared.
They took fright at something yesterday and they were running so fast the little ducklings were doing someraults and landing on their backs with their feet in the air for a second . They'd pick themselves up and take off again only to go head over heels again.About 4 out of 8 did it and some 3 x in the one run..Wish I could have got it on video!
 Mum turned up looking bedraggled a bit later on and everyone was happy again.Animals! If only we could just live in the present all the time!

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