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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sometimes its not possible to have a really good photo but I can still create a portrait you'll love!

Initially we were going to do a head portrait of Jack and I  took the photos. Jenny decided that it wasn't really Jack without his 4 socks so we changed the portrait to a full body portrait.She would take the photos. It took 18months but Jenny finally took a photo with a pose she was happy with and we decided to go with that.The lighting was bad and it wasn't as clear as I'd like but I used the head photos we already had to help.

Enhanced reference photo - it was darker than this and further away. Jenny was happy for me to enhance the colour in the portrait.Click on the portrait to see a larger version so you can see his expression.All the portraits look better in the flesh.The photos have been reduced in quality for the web.

40 x 50cms image size
Framed Oil

Jack was a bit of a cheeky inquistive character so I wanted to capture that in his expression.
"OK - I have waited till I had all the family here to give me their opinions.
We are all thrilled!
You have definitely captured his inquisitive nature.
Thanks so much."

Framed portrait ( the portrait has his name on it but this photo was taken before I did that).

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