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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nothing like kayaking in a gorgeous area to get me re inspired to paint landscapes!

We went kayaking down on the Hawkesbury / Pittwater area north of Sydney today. I haven't been inspired to paint landscapes for a long time but I was itching to today!In the past I have taken an easel in my kayak and stopped at a  beach and done a painting.I'll have to do it again.
 I now have two paintings I really want to do.If I get a chance I'll have to try and do a quick one before the inspiration goes but I have a lot of commissioned paintings to do and I'm inspired to do those too! Bummer I need a clone!
America Bay - I love the lighting in this one! It would be a challenge but I'll have to try & capture it sometime. What normally happens is I'm SO inspired but then other paintings take precedence and I never get around to painting it.
Oh I forgot! I was kayaking along and then squealed in fright as something surfaced 20 ' in front of me..It was a large turtle about 4 ' long coming up for air .I could see its shell, front flippers and it's big head before it saw me  and ducked back under! I'd love to get a photo of things like that but they happen so fast! It made my day.There were a lot of large jellyfish wafting by too. It's funny you think it's just water and then something like that happens to make you wonder what else is under there!
Beach near were I saw the turtle

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